Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Let us Help Protect Your Rights

Sometimes we find ourselves in hot water. Facing criminal charges is a serious and stressful matter. With your freedom on the line, you need the experienced team of Tompkins Law Firm to step in and fight for you.

With over 25 years of experience in criminal matters, our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to represent you on traffic offenses all the way up to the most serious felonies. We want to make sure you get the support you need and the justice you deserve. With dozens of jury trials under their belts, the attorneys at Tompkins Law Firm can make sure you get a favorable outcome.

Our firm has vast experience in handling all types of criminal cases. We have represented clients on appeals, as well as helped in getting criminal records expunged.

We've Represented Clients Who've Been Charged With:

  • DUI
  • Simple assault
  • Traffic offenses
  • Probation revocations
  • Drug sales/drug possessions
  • Identity theft/embezzlement
  • Burglary
  • Aggravated assault
  • Armed robbery
  • Murder

Put our Experience to Work for You

Criminal cases move fast. You need attorneys that will ensure your rights are protected from beginning to end. If you’ve been charged with any criminal offense, our attorneys will fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve and a fresh start. Contact us for a FREE consultation with our attorneys.